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Busy, busy

Well the rally was a lot of fun. It didn't go very long - unlike some other rallies, we don't get to block traffic and disrupt the city; very sad, really - but it was a neat experience. Lots of VietNam vets, lots of family members of troops in the Gulf, and lots and lots of flag waving. Since it was put on by one of the local country music stations they played a lot of patriotic songs. At the end everyone held hands for "America the Beautiful" and while it had been raining, the rain stopped then and a rainbow came out.

I know... disgusting, eh? *g*

Also went to an 'open forum on Iraq' here on campus which all of about 25 people attended. A couple kooks in the audience but the panel was actually more even-handed and less flamingly-liberal than I had anticipated. And they had free lemonade. However, the rally had free bumper stickers, ribbons and pins, so you know who won that contest ;)

Oh, and is SciFi trying to promote themselves as the SDJ's bitches or what (not that they don't already have more than their fair share)??

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