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Adios, popcorn!

Next Tuesday I'm having a drywall company come and scrape the acoustic popcorn crap off my ceiling and retexture it. Then they'll leave the heater on overnight to dry it, and come back Wednesday to paint the ceiling.

I've been looking forward to getting this done because most of the rooms in my house need to be painted, and having the popcorn gone will make the trimming in so much easier. Plus I won't have to worry about the ceiling painters getting ceiling paint on my walls, cause they're going to be repainted anyway.

What this means, though, is that this weekend and Monday I have the prep the house. Stuff has to be taken off the walls, small and breakable furniture needs to be removed, vents and ceiling lights have to be taken down and the floors and top shelves of the bedroom closets need to be cleaned out. This is only a 1000 sq ft house, but damn, I just finally got everything how I liked it!

I'll also be spending Tuesday night at my folks', and I need to talk to the company about locking up after them on Tuesday, getting them back in Wednesday morning, and having everything checked and getting them paid Wednesday after the job is done. The supervisor I talked to thought that because I have such small square footage they would be done both days by about 2pm, and I don't get home from work until close to 5pm.

Then, of course, everything will need to be put back afterwards. Oy.
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