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Darwin award nomination in V-town!

So today was my second day of work. Tomorrow I actually get interviewed for the job that I'm currently doing. Pretty much I just have to make sure I don't embarass myself. Not worried.

Now, the reason for this post. I just had to share what a fun commute home I had. I was still in the city, which - just for some context - is completely ghetto-tastic... the neighborhood where my school is located is one of the older areas that hasn't completely gone to crap, and there was still a shooting across the street last year (after school got out, thank God). Crime rate's about twice the nat'l average. But, aside from the whole 'day after' shooting thing, I haven't had many issues.

Well today I'm in the city, on the eastbound freeway, and people are driving more stupidly than usual. I passed a couple of trucks going about 50mph and then needed to merge back to the right to make my offramp to get on the southbound freeway. I get in behind this black car which suddenly breaks because... I'm not sure why. People cant drive, I've learned to deal with it. Anyway, she breaks. So I have to break, and I'm still partway in the second lane, partway in the first. The black car gets its act together and accelerates, and I finish my lane change. There's still half a mile before my exit.

Suddenly, this crappy white sedan from behind me has pulled up alongside me, in the lane I just left. I wouldn't have noticed except it was staying right alongside, almost in my blind spot. I glance over and the passenger is flailing and shouting at me. I had no idea what her problem was. I don't even have my NOBAMA bumper sticker on my car anymore. I thought, "well maybe that car was behind me when I changed lanes and were mad they had to slow down". Whatever. I shook my head and went back to driving. I was coming up on my exit.

The white sedan suddenly accelerates, swerves in front of me and stops on the on-ramp. Suddenly I'm wondering if I hit them when I changed lanes, even though I didn't feel anything... but wait, they were behind me, so it's not my fault if they didn't keep the minimum safe distance (if anyone even knows what that is anymore).

To my shock, the driver and passenger - a black couple, just for context - BOTH GET OUT OF THE CAR. I didn't have room on the right to go around them and to the left would have taken me up on the median. The driver starts walking up towards my car, and I put the window up - it was open a smidge for the air - and grabbed the pepper spray on my keychain. My cell phone was at the bottom of my purse so with my other hand I start rummaging around for it.

The guy's yelling - I can't even understand him through his gold teef, so I still have no idea what pissed him off so bad. I bet he wouldn't have had his temper tantrum if I wasn't a skinny white girl, though. I mean, if I'd been a brotha, I might have been packing heat! (I don't know what I was planning on doing with my pepper spray with the window rolled up. I have power windows, so I supposed if I tried I could have rolled it down a crack, sprayed him, and rolled it back up.)

But keep in mind this is all happening on the FREEWAY, right where the ramp branches off. If I had sprayed the moron, he might have stumbled back into traffic and wound up squashed on someone's windsheild. I doubt I'm that lucky, though. I wasn't even lucky enough to have a cop around when this happened.

So I finally grab my phone and when the moron sees me starting to dial, he jumps back in his car really fast - so does his babymama - and takes off, using the lane that puts him back on the eastbound freeway. I wish I had a good enough memory to recall his license plate, but I'm kinda dyslexic when it comes to numbers and having letters thrown in there doesn't help. So I comforted myself with flipping his rearview mirror a one-fingered salute as I finally took my offramp.

WEIRD $#it.

Maybe they didn't like my PRO-LIFE bumper sticker.
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