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Okay, so my actual life-related post was a while ago. I haven't been busy, exactly, just distracted. Well, and a little busy.

So, working. Just a quick primer -- last year I worked in an urban, Title I school district, we'll call it the RBM school district, as in "run by morons". I was a support teacher and worked with the kids who were really behind in English. This is a position that is funded through state money, and that money is - or isn't - renewed every summer. Luckily, it wasn't affected by the state's finances being in the crapper. The principal, DH, got the PTA to vote on 2 support teachers for the 09-10 school year, and submitted the paperwork to the district, and the paperwork was approved by our state-appointed overseer (because RBM is even more in the crapper than the rest of the state), and HR finally posted the job online.

The problem is that, for a variety of reasons, each of those steps took weeks. The PTA approved the support positions back in late July, and here we are in early October, and while HR has posted the position and I applied, two weeks have gone by and they have not called to make an interview.

Well, DH finally said 'screw it, we need support teachers, we're going to bring you in under the aegis of a substitute teacher so you can start (these kids were supposed to have started getting their extra lessons back in mid-Sept) and when everything gets figured out, we'll backdate your date of hire.

So, long story short, I'll be working as of Monday, but until the district gets their head out of their asses I'll be considered - and probably paid as, at least for the first pay period - as a sub. Meaning I'll need to keep up my COBRA benefits for the time being. But at least I'll be working.

Meanwhile I've been driving Mom around the area the last few days. She's got this eye problem, and even the specialists have never seen it before, but basically in one eye the blood vessels in the back of the eye are 'leaking', and that obviously affects the vision in that eye. Every once in a while she goes and gets an injection in the eye - icky! - that's supposed to stop the leakage. She got an injection about a week and a half ago, and the day before yesterday that eye started bothering her. Puffy, sore, tearing up... not good. Dad's been working so I took her to the local optomitrist, and he looked and said, 'yeah, it's inflamed but I don't see any other problems' and we called her retina specialist and he wanted to see her today, and they're in Oakland, so yeah, I've been playing chauffeur a lot :) Good news is the specialist says it's not an infection, and she's got a nice cornucopia of eyedrops that seem to be helping. Tomorrow we're going to shop for work pants - for me - at JCP. Woot ;)

Let's see... anything else? Oh. I had some TV-related remarks but I'll put that in a separate post.
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