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Ah, I still got it...

The X-Files Funnies Quiz

Oral in an hour (at least, that's when the language lab opens. If everyone tries to go at once, I may have to wait). Not eating any breakfast because I know I'm going to be nervous as hell. At the same time I just want to get it over and done with. My prof gave us some of the questions on Monday (there are maybe 20 questions total, she gave us a dozen to practice on, and the test - which is on a computer - will consist of 5 or 6 randomly picked questions) so, if I get asked them, at least I have something pre-planned to say. I just hope I don't completely blank out. I'm going to review my vocabulary before I go, so at least if I blank out on verbage I can fall back on good old nouns and adjectives ;)

Then, once that is done, I'm going to go over to the ASUOP (student body) office, get my sticker that lets me get cool stuff (I know, the semester is almost over, but I don't do a whole lot on campus), get lunch and then get in line for the noon giveaway of Clay Walker concert tickets. I get two free. Woo! Going to add them to Dad's birthday present... also got him a book of time travel short stories, which is the kind of thing he digs.

Meeting with Katie at 3pm to work on our GATE website project a bit. Unfortunately a lot of this assignment requires us to, ya know, go out and actually talk to people. Yech. I emailed some different school districts around the state and actually got something back from Ontario-Montclair School District about a possible email interview that I can do with their GATE coordinator, which would be a nice addition to the side.

Oh, yeah, GATE = Gifted and Talented Education.

Then, at 6pm, I'm going downtown to a pro-troops rally being put on by a local radio station. It's strange... obviously we're still in the middle of this war, and unfortunately people are still being killed. But post-falling-statue it just feels different. Hopefully our men and women over there will take that to heart, feel the support of the American and Iraqi people, and put that motivation to good use. You know, they say that most of the people still fighting 'for Saddam' right now are the people he's effectively brainwashed (who have nothing left to lose) and those the troops on the ground are calling 'the foreigners' -- folks from other Muslim countries who support the regime. It's odd, considering how happy people are in Iraq that he's gone, but as someone said... the closer people are to Saddam, the less they like him. And the inverse is true in some cases, which is a pity.

Whew... full day. Lucky for me, I don't have science lab today :D

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