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More funny things.

So I'm on the email list for my representative, George "Poster Child for Term Limits" Miller. Just for shits and giggles. I got an email today from him asking for stories about people's "battles" with their health insurance companies. You know, as in "I don't like how the polls show that most Americans have never had to "battle" their insurance company, and in fact are perfectly happy with the care they're getting, so I'm looking for some antecdotal sob stories about those evil profit mongers instead". Here's what I responded with:

Gee, well I guess I'm one of the vast majority of Americans who are happy with the care I'm getting under my current insurance. You know, the insurance that I was able to get despite my pre-existing conditions. I know that doesn't fit the mold of what you were looking for, Georgie -- you know, demonization of the Evil Corporations, as opposed to the caring, understanding, efficient Federal Government. But I thought I would share my story anyway since, gosh, I'm still one of your constituents! Pass that along to Nancy, won't you? Thanks!

Sarcasm is fun!

Also, I'm watching Neil Cavuto's show and he has the president of Georgia on. This is amusing... the president of another country will come on FOX, but the President of ours won't.
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