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More funny things.

So I'm on the email list for my representative, George "Poster Child for Term Limits" Miller. Just for shits and giggles. I got an email today from him asking for stories about people's "battles" with their health insurance companies. You know, as in "I don't like how the polls show that most Americans have never had to "battle" their insurance company, and in fact are perfectly happy with the care they're getting, so I'm looking for some antecdotal sob stories about those evil profit mongers instead". Here's what I responded with:

Gee, well I guess I'm one of the vast majority of Americans who are happy with the care I'm getting under my current insurance. You know, the insurance that I was able to get despite my pre-existing conditions. I know that doesn't fit the mold of what you were looking for, Georgie -- you know, demonization of the Evil Corporations, as opposed to the caring, understanding, efficient Federal Government. But I thought I would share my story anyway since, gosh, I'm still one of your constituents! Pass that along to Nancy, won't you? Thanks!

Sarcasm is fun!

Also, I'm watching Neil Cavuto's show and he has the president of Georgia on. This is amusing... the president of another country will come on FOX, but the President of ours won't.
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I've had insurance issues, but it's more with my job, not with the insurance company itself.

I've had Blue Cross/Blue Shield for 12 years and I was VERY happy with it. They've been nothing but great. The "on-call" nurse was always there for quesions when the DR was out of the office.

My issues now is my job switched us and *sigh* new insurance has a $2,500 deductable.

WHat's killing me is how expensive NEEDED tests are and having to try to cover it when the insurance won't because my job picked a plan that didn't cover anything. *sigh*
One of the few things I agree with the libs on is that we need the option of having portable insurance. I have Blue Shield through work and they're fine, but my only options were them or Kaiser (ew!) and of course Blue Shield is the most expensive. I don't like that our employers get to choose our insurance options -- if we have options at all (my dad's job is switching him every few years, and he's IN the health care industry!) If an employer is only going to put X number of dollars towards our insurance, why can't we take that money and be able to put it towards a health plan that works for US?
LOL, you crack me up, Alli. I'm sure George will be thrilled to hear your sob story. :)

And, yes, it is lame that Obama won't go on Fox. I wish I had seen the whole thing, but I saw a second or two of a clip of Chris Wallace saying that this administration has the biggest crybabies he has ever seen in all his years in journalism. Haha!
I saw a second or two of a clip of Chris Wallace saying that this administration has the biggest crybabies he has ever seen in all his years in journalism.

Yup, and he's said since that the White House has whined to him about that, too!
I've got pretty darn good health insurance. Just sayin'.

Now, I'd like to pay less for it... but then again, I'd like to pay less for most things.
I was lucky enough to be gifted a permanent account, so it's really hard for me to fill up all my icon slots :)