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Update of randomness part 1

Just finished watching "tomorrow's" Bones. You know, I think I've gotten to the point where I don't really care much about the actual cases beyond how gross the 'juicy' bodies are -- the whole thing is just a vehicle for a) Bones and Booth being cute together, b) the other characters being cute together, and c) Bones and Booth being cute together whilst the other characters look knowingly at each other.

Glee was pretty cute tonight too. The football players' musical number was freaking hysterical. Other than that, what did we learn? Quinn is even more of a bitch, and Rachel more of a diva, than we had heretofore been aware of. But the football game was sooo the best part. And I totally have that damn song stuck in my head.

I'll have to catch tomorrow's shows on DVR tomorrow because I'm going to my brother's portfolio show. It's a thing at his school (Academy of Art in SF) where they show off all their projects and hope for job offers. Technically he is done with school, but the actual graduation ceremony isn't until December or something. Still, big day for Jamie. Think good thoughts :)

A couple more things but I'll put them in a f-locked post because the internet is making me paranoid today.
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