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I remember thinking around election time that, "boy this is going to be a long four years".

Well, that opinion hasn't changed. But now I think that it's shared by the current administration.

Of course you have to look past the main-stream media headlines to find out why. According to them, Obama is a harbinger of peace in the Middle East, loved by celebrities, etc etc...

But it's been a frustrating time for him as well. MSNBC, at least, feels his pain. They muse the patent unfairness that such a "bright, and personable, and engaging" man who has a "deep reservoir of goodwill" with the American people is now fighting tooth and nail to pass government-based health insurance reform, with many other issues, including Cap & Trade, falling by the wayside.

But it's not in any way Obama's fault, MSNBC insists. Evil-minded Democrats like Blago and Burris "conspired to humiliate Obama". New York Governor Patterson is not lying down and playing dead because Obama told him to. And somehow scores of interviews on national television have failed to instruct ignorant Americans in the ways of right.

Curse those clueless, misinformed Americans! Gallup says 57% of them now think that government is trying to do too many things that should be left to businesses and individuals (up 10% from March), that 45% think business and industry is overregulated by the government (24% disagree), and the average American believes that the federal government wastes half of the money it receives through tax revenue. (WSJ).

On the other hand, a Rasmussen poll finds that 66% of Americans are angry about federal policies, and 60% believe neither party - not even the party of hope and change - have any real answers.

This is not an environment conducive to the passage of tax increases, excuse me, government mandates enforced by fines, energy price hikes thanks to Cap and Trade, repealing the Bush tax cuts, and many other elements of Obama's economic and domestic policies.

And if the GOP makes significant gains in 2010, even the Veep thinks it could signal the end of the hope-n-change era.

It warms the cockles of my heart to think that Obama and friends may be seeing it my way: it's going to be a long four years.

And if you made it this far, watch some Zo!

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