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So I watched the FlashForward pilot online and it was pretty good. For a pilot, I mean -- you have to judge these things on a different standard than just any old random episode. The basics of the plot are based on a Robert Sawyer book, but fans of the book are already complaining about the differences. Uh -- because it's been turned into a TV series? A lot of people have also been comparing it to Lost, which I can't comment on because I've never watched Lost. It'll be interesting to see to what extent TPTB worry about making episodes in the middle of the season accessible to new viewers.

The only thing that concerns me is the size of the cast. Normally in a pilot you meet the main character, their quirky allies and their adversary. In the first episode of FF we meet FBI agent and AA-member Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes). and the rest of the class sort of spirals out from there. There's his surgeon wife Olivia (played by that woman from Lost) their daughter Charlie, and Charlie's babysitter, Nicole. Mark's partner is Demetri (played by the guy who played Sulu in the new Trek movie), Janis, another FBI agent (not Janeane Garofalo, thank the Lord), their boss Stan, Then you've got Olivia's co-worker, Bryce, and Mark's AA mentor, Aaron, and Lloyd, the father of one of Olivia's patients, and a mysterious blonde woman Mark and Demetri have been following on a terrorism-related case. And that's just in the first episode!

Anyhoo, despite all this, it was an interesting pilot. It's floating around the internet, plus it aires on ABC this Thursday and Friday (8pm E/P, looks like). Its regular spot will be Thursdays @ 8, which I kind of question because it's competing against Bones and Survivor. (I watch Bones live and DVR Survivor, so if I pick this show up as well I'll have to download it.)

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