"You lie!" is suddenly starting to sound, like...well, the truth.

"What is the administration’s answer?" asked Gutierrez. "To give him exactly what he said from this hatred."

Heaven forbid that we should refuse to give tax dollars to people who are here, oh, I don't know ... ILLEGALLY.
But but they're part of the community! Doing jobs gringos won't do! [insert more liberal talking points here]
I've got a whole load of talking points to drop on my liberal friends but, as I told one just yesterday, there's no point discussing it as long as no one in power is prepared to do anything.
Everyone's too afraid of the damn Latino voting block, unfortunately. For some reason, a lot of the legal ones want their undocumented familia y amigos to be able to able to cut in line. :-p
True, but there are some legal immigrants who are just as upset about it as we are -- they figure if they're willing to do it the proper way, everyone else should, too. If I was a politician, that's the way I'd word it to the Latino voters.
I agree. It just doesn't seem like there's a large enough group, especially when the drive-by media is undermining you at every turn, calling you a racist and whatnot.
Maybe there are more of them than the media lets us know about .... we can only hope.