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SpoilerTV has 2 spoiler-free reviews of the Stargate Universe pilot.

Here's some choice quotes.

"This is a great attempt at creating a realistic Stargate, as realistic as Stargate can be."

"Past Gates were as familiar as a warm blanket, and we loved them for that. SGU attempts to rip that old blanket off and light it it on fire right in front of your face. So Stargate purists beware: the new SGU may be a bitter pill for you to swallow."

"The characters that Robert Cooper and Brad Wright created may seem like your average day Gaters, but they've got a lot more on their plates than any of the aforementioned heroes. So it may be a while until there's a funny Eli and D. Rush episode, because well, people are dying."

"SGU has a lot of bite — and even more potential — and that makes this Gater happy."

"... it's not the Stargate factor that will put you off or suck you in forever, it's that this is not a family action show pretending to be science fiction like its predecessors were."

"Do not expect repeated scenarios where the the military lead character leans on the cliched genius scientist while everyone else throws in words of encouragement until a brilliant solution is discovered to save the day at the last minute."

"Stargate Universe is a lot of things, but upbeat is not one of them... There are shows like BSG and E.R. than went too far, that became so dark that you kind of wanted to blow your brains out at the end of every episode. SGU, thankfully, isn't that bad."

"Don't sit down expecting a Stargate show like the ones that have come before. If you do, you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment -- and not because SGU isn't good, but because you'll be getting something other than what you thought you'd get, and there is no way this show can win in that scenario."

"Oh, and by the way, there's going to be music in this show. Real music. Not just scored stuff, but actual songs. It's a game changer when it comes to setting just the right tone at just the right moment. And the musical score is simply amazing."
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