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So I took a bath, and finished reading Jacqueline Carey's Santa Olivia.

Some random thoughts... spoilers for the premise, although I'll try not to spoil the ending.

So, it was okay, but I probably won't reread it. The premise was cool but the execution didn't do anything for me. The way the book was marketed, the cover art and everything, makes it sound like it's about this genetically-modified woman who becomes like a modern-day female Zorro. The first third or so keeps pretty close to that. But then it takes this weird turn and the climax is all about a big boxing match. I don't have anything against boxing, but I'm not interested in it either. I've never seen the movie Million Dollar Baby, but I kept thinking about it while reading.

The cast of characters is interesting, but the main character is difficult to relate to. For one, she doesn't show up until a good bit into the book, and you spend time investing in characters that aren't around much after she grows up. For another, Loup, the main character, isn't terribly... relateable. At first I was blaming this on the fact that she doesn't feel fear, but I don't think I can blame it on that because the main character of the book series Fearless, Gaia, was just that, and she still felt and expressed emotions that helped the reader connect with her. Loup is fairly bland. If this book was done on the screen, you'd need someone who was able to emote in a really subtle way. Most of the emotion comes from the minor characters. And... yeah, I guess I find it harder to relate to a bisexual quasi-werewolf than someone like Gaia.

Plus, the book really slags a lot on the US government and military, and even though this all happens in some anonymous "future", it still turned me off, and threw me out of the story, when I came across it.

Well, if nothing else, I can cross another one off my list :)
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