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Update of randomness

1. I am rereading Moira J. Moore's Heroes series. No, it has nothing to do with the show. Here's an amazon link to the first in the series. If you want angst, deadly serious peril, and high fantasy, I suggest you read something else. This series is fun, unique and character-driven with a sarcastic, irreverent leading lady. It actually took me a little while to get used to Lee's constant quips and asides, but once you're in her head, these books get nom-nomed up pretty fast. :D I'm looking forward to reading the newest -- seen above -- which I actually have already, but I wanted to reread the first three to get reacquainted with the characters and their world.

2. No job postings today, but I did spend more money. *shrugs* I got a new desk chair, one that will hopefully allow me to actually sit with my legs under the desk. (The chair I got, well, I didn't measure it, so it's too high for my desk. Once I'm teaching again *knocks on wood* I'll take my old chair to school and use it there.

3. It's still way too hot for the beginning of September. NOAA says it's 98F. GLOBAL WARMING OMG.

4. Fringe fans -- tonight is the FOX tweet-peet of the S1 finale. (Tomorrow it's Glee's turn.) I'm not on Twitter but the fusion, such as it is, looks interesting. The Fringe tweeting will only be live for the East Coast *mutters* but there's always Hulu or torrents if you're not one of the favored few.
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