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1. I was able to get my must-have rx refilled at last. Yay!

2. My second rx (the one I take for allergies) has apparently been discontinued. Which sucks, because it was really working, but I guess the company that makes it either stopped making it or has gone out of business. I called my doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow so I can get something else prescribed.

3. (By the way, our health care system? Totally sucks. We should just scrap it and go Canuck. *rolls eyes*)

4. I bought a few more plants... a dwarf lisbon lemon that I'm going to espalier *feels fancy* and an Elizabeth Angus Bougainvillea that I can plant next to my jasmine for a splash of color. When the sun is off the backyard I'm going to go out and plant the Japanese Maple I bought day before yesterday.

5. While I was getting the plants at Lowe's I saw this cool recycled rubber mulch that I might get for the planter areas instead of the 'monkey hair' I was pondering. I normally don't give a rat's ass about using recycled materials, but with this stuff you don't need to remulch every year and it doesn't invite bugs. So, thumbs up there.

6. I still need to bag up some of the leftover bark/dirt in the back. Yuck. That's my least favorite part.

7. No Mayor Bee sightings lately. Fingers crossed.

8. I checked and I don't own anything plaid.

9. Because it hates me, the site where job postings go up is not working. But I'm assuming nothing new has gone up because my principal said she would email the listing to me as soon as it came in to her.

And because I have to have an even 10...

10. Does anyone else think it's coincidental that in the middle of Obama's approval numbers tanking and the Dems in disarray, he goes on vacation and the White House goes into a frenzy of OMG CIA TORTURE! Can you say, "shoring up your base"?

ETA: Oh, damn, I forgot...

11. kismatt, I got the new Moira book via today! Hee! Unfortunately, I need to finish reading Tigana first and then I want to reread Heroes Adrift first. But how cool is it that I got it before the actual release date??
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