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fall tv

* indicates a new show I'm going to try out, but no promises!

HYMYM @ 8:00 (CBS)
Big Bang Theory @ 9:30pm (CBS)

Shark Tank @ 8:00 (ABC) [DVR]
So You Think You Can Dance @ 8:00 (FOX)

Hank @ 8:00 (ABC) [DVR]*
The Middle @ 8:30 (ABC) [DVR]*
So You Think You Can Dance Results Show @ 8:00 (FOX)
Glee @ 9:00 (FOX)*

Also, I have to fit Better Off Ted in there when it comes back. If you haven't watched BOT, give it a shot on Hulu or something... it's very cute.

Bones @ 8:00 (FOX)
Survivor @ 8:00 (CBS) [DVR]
FlashForward @ 8:00 (ABC) [Download]*
Fringe @ 9:00 (FOX)

Catch up on everything I DVRed!

I'm not sure where SG:Universe and Caprica are going to fit into all of this, but I know if nothing else I can download them. God bless you, internet!

24 isn't coming back until January :( Which I knew, of course, but it still sucks!

  • I guess it's a good fit, since they're both total jokes.

    Maybe it'll be called "Toxic Little Queen."

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