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Watching more Fringe

Two observations.

1. JJ seriously loves his chick fights.

2. Olivia + Peter FTW!

If I was to compare this to Alias ship, so far I would say there's no comparison. Syd and Vaughn had the UST Factor right from the... well, second episode. (First episode he just thought she was insane.) But as earnest and serious as these characters are almost all of the time, they're very likable and Walter is just hilarious.

Peter: What I want to know is what they wanted from you.

Olivia: Who cares about me. I want to know who's next.

Peter: I care about you.

*Walter looks up*

Peter: If we can figure out why they needed you, maybe we can figure out who's next.

*Walter goes back to work*

Walter: Peter was really worried about you when you were gone.

Peter: Walter...

Walter: You were.

Peter: Well of course I was worried.

Walter: He was really worried.

Walter: I was worried too. When you were taken.

Olivia: Thank you, Walter.

Walter: Not as much as him, of course.

Peter: Walter...

Walter: It's true!

Walter is such the matchmaker.

I need to make some icons of them.

Also, have you seen the new Bones promos? As much as we got royally screwed with the finale, I'm looking forward to the premiere like whoa. (If you want to see the promos, spoilertv has some of them.)

Okay, last three episodes of Fringe are downloading!
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