LOL, that's awesome.

And it absolutely drives me batty when Obama and co. say "there's nothing in this bill about abortion." Um, that's kind of the point. Lying bastards.
Maybe the problem is that there's so many versions of the bill right now, and the Dems just like calling them "the bill". If Obama is referring to the Senate bill, then yeah, from what I understand there's nothing in there about abortion. But in the House bill, there is. It's lying by omission, or something. :\
From what I understand, if there is nothing in the bill specifically banning abortion on the public dime, then it's allowed. Republicans have tried to get a couple amendments passed saying that the public doesn't have to pay for this, and they've been defeated. So saying that there's nothing in the bill about abortion is misleading. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I heard that now. You almost have to hunt to find out what's really going on nowadays, because the MSM won't tell it.
Good point. I know McCaskill was swearing up and down that she would not vote for a bill including anything about abortion, but I can certainly see them using the loophole that you mentioned.