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Backyard pictures

Okay so I posted a link yesterday so people could see what my backyard looks like. I figured I would post some in-progress shots.

Here's what it looked like when I moved in:

Left side

Right side

So I went in and pulled up on the weeds so it was just dirt. Then a few weeks ago, Dad and I started on the patio. Basically it involved laying down a gravel base and putting 42 1-by-1 foot pavers juuuuust right. Then he built a frame around it to lock it in place and I'm filling in the seams with sand. Here's what it looked like yesterday:

Sorry about the fuzziness and crazy angle... I snapped it through the screen just before I left the house.

SO... today I went out to Lowes and spent about $200 on rock, flower pots (and a few other things for my balcony) etc. So here's how the backyard looks now:

Yes it's true! The very leftmost part of my yard has rock (I also laid down some of that fabric stuff to keep weeds from growing) and planters, most of which need plants but, you know, one thing at a time. By the way, up above the tan planter, about the middle of the fence, is where that carpenter bee lives. I call him Mayor Bee. That reminds me, I should have heard from the pest control guy by now. Grr.

The right ride of the yard doesn't really look any different but here's what I'm planning.

And on the other side, my plans:

Wow, I'm tired all over again just thinking about it!

ETA: Oh I forgot the pictures of my balcony. Not much, but I put up some edging so I can let the cats out onto it (the edging blocks the gap that might have given them a bad idea) and a plant stand and I planted the flowers myself! *beams*


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I LOVE your icon!!!

Thanks! I like Taco Bell but it does not like me :( Maybe if I had the stomach of a Spartan...

I hope that once they're gone, they stay gone!!!

Well, the exterminator is now half an hour late and never called to confirm, so I'm kinda toying with the idea of letting Mayor Bee and his friends eat the whole fence and then making the HOA replace it >:|

Lattice!!! That's the word.... I think.... lol.

LOL yup that's the word. Lowe's actually has this cool stuff... let me see if I can find a pic...

Ok their site sucks but basically it's this decorative vinyl that looks like a little white picket fence gate and it's really cute :)
Oh, you have such the green thumb. ;-) Seriously, looks nice and great idea for the cats. But I bet they still try to jump up onto that skinny little railing. ;-)
Not right away, but yeah, eventually. At Lowe's they had these hanging window boxes -- that might work as a deterrent. I'm definitely going to have to watch them.