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other things i did today

I need to remember to take some 'in progress' pictures of my backyard. I didn't take one of it all just dirt but I do have a few shots of what it looked like when I moved in. Basically where all the weeds are now is a 6' x 7' patio made with reddish paving stornes. Tomorrow I'm going to fill in the gaps with sand. Then I made a rough sketch about the other things... I know that I want planting areas and some rock, something to screen the AC box, and some species of Japanese maple in the corner. Finally, I want to get a fountain of some kind and since my electrical outlets are over by the door, I'm going to look into the solar-powered ones.

So I got up early, Dad and I did the patio, I did the errands mentioned in my previous post (mainly surfing/calling around), and then we went to lunch (with mom) and to the movies (not with mom). We saw The Time Traveler's Wife which made me cry. Mom did BBQed chicken and we watched TV. When I got home Piper was yelling at me because the new scratchy thing I got her (video so you can see what it is; the video ain't mine though) had been pushed under the bed. The girls have been fighting over it... I only got one because I wasn't sure if they would take to it, but they love it, so now I need to get a second. Although Piper will probably just hod both.

So tomorrow I need to...

Work in the backyard
Go to Lowes or OSH and buy some planters and potting soil and stuff
Go to the gym
Be here @ 5 for the pest control guy

I think that's it.

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