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Boisterous Tea Party Held In San Francisco

Hey, I was there!

Dragged dad along too :)

From Pipeline:

Boisterous Tea Party Held In San Francisco

August 14, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Nearly 1,000 turned out this afternoon in the "Belly of the Liberal Beast," San Francisco, to protest Obama's healthcare plan and his attempt to impose a socialist model on the United States.

The participants gathered in Justin Herman Plaza, probably startling remnants of the noontime lunchers streaming back to their high-rise office buildings, as the Tea Partying crowd slowly swelled.

A strictly do-it-yourself event, there was none of the mass-produced signage usually present in large numbers at the more normal for this city, lefty street events. Also absent were the socialist and communist merchandise booths that were arrayed throughout all of San Francisco's anti-war confrontations.

Though there were celebrities in attendance, the afternoon unfolded more as forum for the common citizen, with mic time being given to anyone who wanted to express themselves from the stage.

Typical was Martha from the East Bay who said, "Well I am very disenchanted with our president and our Congress and what they're doing shoving this down our throats, where we don't have a say in it. In the arena of ideas, we should all have input into the type of thing that is impacting us so much."

A mom from Alamo stated she came out to voice, "my anger and agitation at the government shoving healthcare down our throats...whatever happened to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

A native San Franciscan and a survivor of lymphoma, when asked why he turned out at the Tea Party, chuckled "Where do I start? The Democratic party is trying to kill America." He then went on to relate that the very expensive drug that saved his life, is essentially unavailable in single payer systems like Canada's, mordantly commenting that if he lived North of the border he, "would be looking at the wrong side of the dirt."

It's this sheer lack of pretension and willingness to take to the streets with some perspective and good will, which decries the MSM's attempted character assassination of the participants in this rapidly building movement.

The site also has some nice pictures. The fella with the tea-bag yoke was one of my favorites.

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