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This is one of the dumbest explanations I've ever heard

And I've heard a lot of dumb explanations.

Does Obama really want comparisons between his government-run health care plan and the freaking post office?

The post office that can't turn a profit?

The post office that is constantly raising fees and reducing services?

The post office that can't follow simple instructions and constantly loses mail?

The post office that provides lack of quality service second only to the DMV?

Dude needs his teleprompter back.
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A Freudian slip! He knows it will result in money losing government monopoly that constantly has to increase prices (and thus your taxes) and reduce services because it has no competitive pressures to force innovation.
Oh yes, mixed-up mail, I didn't think of that.

My folks have lived in the same house (#4324) for going on 30 years, and they STILL get mail for the people at (#4234) despite the completely dissimilar names.

I got mail for the people who used to live here for a long time... now in the back of the box, where the letter carrier opens it, it says '[my last name] only". But I still get mail for my neighbors on a pretty regular basis.

Gag me.

(You would've loved to have heard the rant the nurse told my mom today while taking her blood pressure. :P)
I'm winging this as a third party. Erm, basically the nurse ranted and raved to mom for a while, saying that there would be no chance to talk to a doc if it went through and that her job would be moot and that it would be the end of the medical industry. Stuff like that.

*sneers* What a frakkin' moron is Obama.
And she did this during a BP check? Heh. I bet her own was going up.

And he's a gigantic moron. But even worse, he's an egotist.
Yup, she did indeed. :D 'Course, I'm sure that didn't my Mom's BP. :P

I swear, hon. Russ and I made an agreement that if any of the Czar's ideas ever become law, we're leaving.