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whatever happened to customer service?

In general, I don't have a problem with my HOA. They don't make unreasonable demands and everything I've wanted to get done to my house they've approved (although there's no reason that they shouldn't, since everything I've done is an improvement).

But their customer service really sucks. I just called them regarding the aforementioned carpenter bee nesting in my backyard fence, because the paperwork I have from them is really iffy regarding who is responsible for this part of the fence.

So. I call the rep. I get her voicemail.

Rep's voicemail: I'm out of the office until Aug. 10 and I won't be answering messages during that time.

Alli: *looks at the date*

Rep's voicemail: Dial zero for the operator so they can better help you.

Alli: *sighs and dials zero*

Automated recording: blah blah office hours blah blah dial your party's extension blah blah dial six for customer service so.

Alli: *dials six*

Customer service: [Homeowner's Association company], hello?

Alli: Yes I'm trying to get ahold of [HOA rep]. Her voicemail says that she's gone until today.

CS: Yes, that's true.

Alli: ... Well is she back today?

CS: Yes, she's back.

Alli: ... Can I speak with her?

CS: At the moment she's off-site.

Alli: ...

CS: I can transfer you to her voice mail.

Alli: Ooookay.

Rep's voicemail: I'm out of the office until Aug. 10 and I won't be answering messages during that time...

Alli: *headdesk*

I was eventually able to leave a message. I may drop dead from the surprise if I get a response any time this week, however.

For the record, carpenter bees are really creepy. They're big and black and shiny and they tunnel into the wood and make this scritchy-scratchy sound "vibrating their bodies as they rasp their mandibles against the wood". Eww!

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