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Here's a story for you

A guy who happens to be a doctor is interested in this whole health care thing. He calls the office of his local congressman and asks if he's going to be having any meetings or forums on health care. The doctor is told no. So he decides to go to another panel at which the congressman is speaking, which is not health care related. At one point near the end of the meeting, the floor is opened up to questions on all topics. The doctor asks a simple question... and is accused by the ranting congressman of 'hijacking' the meeting.

You can read more here at RedState.

The local NBC affiliate covered the story in a breathtakingly unbiased manner and also provides video (upper right-hand corner).
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*whine* Being a politician is haaaaaard. Mean people yell at you to do crazy things like read bills and take their opinions seriously. It's not faaaaaaaaair!*/whine*