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Random bitch

I'm really tired of USPS not delivering my stuff to me because I'm not home. I'm waiting for a book from amazon and I get the little 'first notice' thing on my door because they didn't want to leave it on the porch (and obviously it's packaged in a way that it won't fit in the mailbox). I think I'm smart enough that if I decide to order a diamond necklace or something in the mail, I will have it sent to my parents where they have a private porch and someone is almost always home, or I will have it sent certified mail where someone has to sign. NO ONE HAS TO SIGN FOR A $5 BOOK. This is ridiculous. Plus, I've already TOLD my mail carrier that he can just leave packages on the porch.

Could this be one more example of the USPS's tendancy to suck, and could that have something to do with the USPS's recent quarterly loss of $2.4?

Yeah, I really want to put these morons in charge of health care.
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