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I'm really tired of USPS not delivering my stuff to me because I'm not home. I'm waiting for a book from amazon and I get the little 'first notice' thing on my door because they didn't want to leave it on the porch (and obviously it's packaged in a way that it won't fit in the mailbox). I think I'm smart enough that if I decide to order a diamond necklace or something in the mail, I will have it sent to my parents where they have a private porch and someone is almost always home, or I will have it sent certified mail where someone has to sign. NO ONE HAS TO SIGN FOR A $5 BOOK. This is ridiculous. Plus, I've already TOLD my mail carrier that he can just leave packages on the porch.

Could this be one more example of the USPS's tendancy to suck, and could that have something to do with the USPS's recent quarterly loss of $2.4?

Yeah, I really want to put these morons in charge of health care.
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Hey, be happy they actually are trying to deliver it to the right house!

I've been having major issues with FedEx. Ever since we moved, they can't find our house, so they deliver stuff to the old house. Nobody lives at the old house!!!!

The old house is 1382. The new house is 1439.

Every address label says "1439"!

I've called them, repeatedly! Given them directions. Had them make notes in their computer. And yet...delivered to the old house.

*head desk*

Okay, it was just annoying when it was my laptop and they kept marking it "undeliverable" because noone answered the door...of the empty house. Grrrr.

Now, it's gotten expensive!

They delivered my medication to the old house and it sat out in the heat and rain for nearly a week because NOBODY LIVES AT THAT HOUSE!!!!!

Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for the meds. I called my pharm and they're reaction was "IDIOTS!"

My one med is Enbril and it costs $1,800!!! Thank the Lord I have insurance and now the new Enbril copay help plan.

The kicker is, I've told Medmark/Walgreens before they HAVE to send it UPS because FedEx are idiots and can't find the house. They say now they've "put a note" on my file that it has to be UPS.

The ruined medication is sitting on the floor in the kitchen waiting to be picked up and sent back to be destroyed.

*shakes head*

PS. Is your icon from Akmed the dead Terrorist???
I don't have much experience with FedEx, but I will keep this in mind if I ever have to choose between them and UPS. :D

PS. Is your icon from Akmed the dead Terrorist???

The icon itself is homemade, but Akmed was indeed the inspiration.
Wouldn't want someone to run on your porch and steal your $5 book would you?

I agree signing for packages is annoying, I doubt there are people who go door to door looking for UPS packages to steal. One thing you could do is leave a note on the door telling them to have your neighbor sign for it, that normally helps.
If anything happened to the book I would just email Amazon that I didn't get it and they would probably resend it ;)

But yeah... there is crime in my city, like every city, but my neighborhood is very safe. The porches are shared between two owners but they are recessed from the street. I don't see a problem with them leaving packages.