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Town halls go BOOM

So, in the last couple of days a memo went out to various unions, including AFL-CIO and SIEU, 'asking' members to go out to these health care town halls and "take on" the conservative groups there. Well, the following was inevitable. I just didn't know it would happen so quickly.

Real Clear Politics: Violence Erupts At Rep. Castor Town Hall [in] Tampa

stltoday: Dueling protesters disrupt Carnahan forum

The most important points:

- Obviously there are people on both sides acting badly

- People who come just to disrupt and scream, no matter what they're screaming, are basically asshats

- If a congressman wants to only meet with a certain group, such as the SEIU, then they need to issue invites so that there's no confusion about who is supposed to get in. Then the police need to be there beforehand to set up some kind of spot where both sides can make their feelings known. Anyone involved in any violence needs to be treated and set aside so it can be determined if any charges need to be made.

What I find absolutely disgusting is that Democrats are still pawning the anti-gov't healthcare crowd off as either crazed racists or people bussed in by the GOP and their supporters to cause trouble. Sorry. I haven't been to a town hall (yet) but I've been to two Tea Parties and I know the people who came, myself included, are just normal people who aren't being paid off by anybody and are just plain pissed off by the whole situation.
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