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Dear fellow writers...

Does it ever happen to you that you have a dream, and sort of wake up halfway through - or even while still in the dream - and think, 'dude, that would make an awesome story/fic', I'm totally going to write it!' but then when you wake up you either don't remember the specifics, or what you do remember makes no sense?

The story in my dream took place in the past, during 'pioneer' days. I dreamed several variations of the plotline - it was like my brain was trying to make it make sense somehow - but in my favorite one, the main character, her younger siblings and her pregnant mother moved from far away into this crappy old house that had been left to them by a dead relative, usually the MC's aunt. There's something sinister about the town. The family is really struggling to make ends meet, but this weird guy (in my dream he was played by Nick Lea) keeps coming around and leaving the family food and/or hints as to the true evil nature of this town. And the MC started thinking of him as less creepy and weird and more benevolent and helpful, but antisocial. At the end, the MC realizes that her mother and her mother's baby are somehow in danger from these evil forces... like they're trying to kill it before it can be born. And she realizes that the gifts Nick Lea has been leaving all add up to an explanation of this danger and/or a way to stop it. Finally, the mother dies but the baby lives.

In all of the 'versions' of this story, the MC has a younger sister, but sometimes she also had younger siblings who were twins or triplets, and were also creepy, and somehow co-opted by the evil forces.

I've come to realize that my mind is a strange place.
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