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So I'm glad I got my dentist appointment in earlier this week.

We'd been told that our health insurance through the district would run through the end of August. That made sense because while we're 10-month employees, we get paid (unless we request otherwise) 12 times a year, Sept-August, at the end of the each month, and our part of the insurance is deducted from each paycheck.

Well, now we're finding out that because of some arcane rule, the district can only provide insurance through the end of this month, and premiums for August will be refunded. Uh, whatever. I don't expect any of this to make sense which is why I went ahead and made the appointment in July.

However, this moves up the date for when we have to apply for COBRA insurance. And I still have not gotten an application packet for COBRA from the district. All they have sent me is a flyer saying, "go to this website for more information!" Well, it's a government website, so of course it has crap information. I called CalPERS, which is a retirement system but still has info on this kind of thing, and they confirmed, yes the dumbass district is in charge of sending the application. Soooo now I've called the district and of course no one ever picks up the phone there so I've left a message. If I don't hear anything (and they're famous for not returning calls) I'm going to have to pick a day next week to drive up there and harass them in person.

(This is why I'm in favor of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Instead of your employer giving you a couple health plan options to choose from, they put the dollar equivalent of whatever they were contracted to spend on insurance in your nice little personal savings account. And maybe you put in something per paycheck also. And the government does their part by not taxing anything in this account. Then you get to go out and shop for health insurance just like you shop for car insurance. And when the market is flooded by people looking for good deals on health insurance, you're going to see the same kind of competition between esurance, AAA, State Farm, progressive, etc. Which brings prices DOWN. And it means that the insurance plan belongs to YOU, not 'belongs to your employer who leases it out to employees'.)

ETA: I was going to go get my eyebrows done ($10, you can't beat that, and they do a great job) but I know that the wankers will call as soon as I leave the house.
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