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Constitutional smackdown! And, l'affaire Gates

"Soldier explains constitutional republic to cheering audience"

Our congresspeople are too busy to read the bills they vote on, so maybe it stands to reason that they're also too busy to read the Constitution they swore to uphold.

On another matter...

The prevailing liberal attitude on the Gates matter seems to be summed up thusly: "Well, maybe there wasn't overt racism in this case, but it doesn't really matter because racism exists everywhere anyway!" I've even seen people intimate that Crowley's minority colleagues sticking up for him only did so because they were intimidated by their white colleagues, or because they are sell-outs to their own race. It's insane. But while I was surfing around, I found this amusing piece -- at Salon of all places: In Defense of Obama's Stupid Remarks About l'affaire Gates.
Mr. Obama is new to the reality of being expected to have an opinion on everything on an instantaneous basis, and now perhaps has re-learned a brief, painful lesson about Law of Power Two: Always Say Less than is Necessary.

The article is about 5 days old, but the points made are still quite appropriate.

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