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E online: 24's Jack Bauer Returns a Happy Man

Oooooh hey seldear (and any other 24 fans in the room) you gotta read this article.

My favorite bit is behind the cut.

Besides the imminent threat on the U.N., Renee (Annie Wersching) is actually bringing some trouble back with her. Executive producer David Fury said, "Renee will return within the first few [episodes] and she will be a different person than she was. The hint of the relationship that we put forth in season seven—we will be following through with this season. The season begins with Jack in a happy place ready to start a new life. And when Renee enters the scene, she is a damaged person. But she is someone he decides could be a part of [his] new life."

As for a possible romantic spark between Jack and Renee, Kiefer said, "That was someone he obviously had very serious feelings for. The desire for season eight is to protect all of the things that would make living worth while." That sounds like a pretty close relationship is on the horizon for Jack and Renee.

*crosses fingers, toes, everything*
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