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I bet Barry kinda feels like an idiot right now.

So this whole Patrick Gates thing? Gates-gate? Man has it gotten out of hand.

Now the idiot is at the WH daily briefing making a non-apology. Translation: "When I said they acted stupidly, I wasn't saying that the officers were stupid. And when I compared this to racial profiling, I wasn't implying that there was racial profiling in this case. Obviously the fact that so many people were offended by what I said is an indication that there's still 'troubling' racial tension in this country. What I really don't like is that you've all been focusing on what I said and not on my interminable health care press conference. "

His actual words: "I could have calibrated my words better... This is a teachable moment." WTF?

Oh man. HotAir should have something good on this later.

(I need a Obama with his head stuck in a bucket icon.)

ETA: Aha, here we go! HotAir: Obama: The Gates clusterfark is a “teachable moment” or something

Also, my brother made a great Obama w/bucket pic that I will shortly be iconing for my 'Obama is a moron' posts, specifically the ones relating to health care.
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