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Yay kitty pictures!

This cat is not mine This cat is not mine
She's named Nala and she lives next door, but she likes to come over and visit in the backyard.
Abby in table, pt. 1 Abby in table, pt. 1
This was totally her own idea.
Abby in table, pt. 2 Abby in table, pt. 2
A longer shot.
Piper on couch Piper on couch
She thinks she's pretty hot stuff.
Kitty condo pt. 1 Kitty condo pt. 1
Kitty condo pt. 2 Kitty condo pt. 2
Piper and Abby.
Kitty condo pt. 3 Kitty condo pt. 3
OMG it's so fun!


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