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I will update this thing more often. I will I will I will.


So I've got a huge monkey off my back, at least for the next few weeks; I finished my first short story and submitted it to the class website. And you know, I thought I would be nervous, and I was, and no doubt will be even more on Thursday... but at the same time, I was just so damn glad to be done with the thing. Amusingly enough, I only just started it on Sunday, when I realized that the guy/kid/boat story wasn't cohesive enough to be ready in time. Instead, I basically took the events of Meridian from Jonas' perspective and did a lot of tweaking along the way. I think it's one of the more ambitious stories to be submitted in the class, actually. Most of them have been about family conflicts and suicidal people... mine has government conspiracies and biological warfare!

Okay, okay, I'm over myself *g* Especially since now I have even less of a reason to not work on Sleepers.

Oh, I have to remember to email Leslie. She's the woman I'm talking to about doing this AMR website... but we haven't really discussed the website yet because they're waiting for the legalese stuff. Such as, can we or can we not use the AMR logo as a graphic. Exciting things like that. In the meantime, she wants me to write some kind of monthly flyer thingy with some news tidbits. Isn't that what the website's for?

Oh well. It's an extra $30-$45. Yippie. At this rate I'd be able to quit the movie theatre, um, well, never. At least I'm getting paid for sitting at the computer.

Oh, and I have this weekend off! Which is really a good arrangment, since if they'd scheduled me to work I probably would have snapped and run away to Kelly's house or something. If anyone asks, I'm studying. Not chatting with writers... nope. Not having a birthday party, either. No way, not me. Studying. Darn those midterms.


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