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I'm so bored I'm watching an American League game. Angels vs Yankees. Eww. I'm not even sure who I want to lose more.

Well, that's a lie. I want the Yankees to lose, on principle. But that doesn't really mean I want the Angels to win. ;)

I'm feeling less grumpy, though, because I was able to buy 2 tickets to meet & get autographs from Andres Torres and... Pablo Sandoval! Yes, the Kung-Fu Panda himself! I'm really jazzed, even though it's definitely an, um, unnecessary expense, because there are only 100 tickets being sold. I'm actually kind of surprised that I got my email in on time. (The gallery where the signing is being held doesn't have a website where you can actually purchase things, you have to do it by email or phone. I don't like giving my credit card info over the phone, so I emailed.) Now I'm trying to get ahold of my mom to see if she wants to go on the other ticket, or if I should ask Shelby. But mom isn't answering the phone or IM. Drat this technology!

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