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  • First off, Happy Birthday wlykyoti!

  • Fireworks noise outside but most of it is far away, probably from the waterfront. My brother, however, reports there's so many going off in the streets (ahem, illegal) that it sounds like the redcoats are coming.

  • I wrote about 800 words last night... it could be the start of a story, or it could be just the start of an interesting character sketch. If it does belong with a story, it would be the Mystery/Horror/Supernatural Fantasy Set On Mars. Tonight I hope to get at least a few paragraphs into my SciFi/Fantasy Hybrid That Keeps Wanting To Turn Epic In My Head. Geesh. Sometimes my muse just needs to get a grip... the main character hasn't even left his hometown yet.

  • Dad and I are going to the Giants vs Astros ballgame tomorrow. We won Friday 13-0 and today 9-0, so tomorrow we'll probably get completely clobbered. :D

  • Where might one find a big stuffed panda?

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big stuffed panda

fao swartz? or whomever owns them now. toys r or maybe a giftshop attached to a zoo

i bet googling 'giant stuffed panda' would get you some...interest results :)
Thanks Alli! Big stuffed panda hmm? Perhaps at the big stuffed panda store?
Check ebay?