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Brentwood tea party pics

Just real quick, two pictures I took with my cell phone camera (I forgot to bring the real camera; whoops) of the tea party today. They aren't great, but you can get a feel for the crowd. I would say there were about 150-200 people there, and when I took these they were listening to one of the speakers.

The first thing we did was say the pledge of allegiance and (attempted to) sing the national anthem.

They were selling water and giving out flyers -- information on how to contact your representatives, change political party to independent, and otherwise become informed.

It was kinda weird walking around and hearing people actually talking about policies and sundry political idoicy in an intelligent way.

Obviously this was nowhere near as large and organized as the April 15th protest I went to in Sacramento, but I thought it was pretty neat that the whole thing was organized by two 30-something stay at home moms who, before they started this project, were largely apolitical and just got fed up with the whole system.

ETA: Some videos that were put up on YouTube for today. It's very obvious that none of these people are pundits or professionals, but they are real Americans.

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