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rally signage

I'm almost done making my Tea Party signs, but since I won't finish til tomorrow and I have no self-control, I wanted to share tonight :)

I didn't make 7 different signs -- I actually am making 4 double-sided. But I ran out of computer paper so I'll do the final side... whenever I find some more. I know there's some in the garage...

These two are my favorites. I love the little piggybank :)

These two are slogans the party organizer picked. 'Taxed Enough Already' is pretty standard so I did another one:

Every time I look at these things I'm afraid I'm going to notice a typo...

Last one! Until I find my paper, I mean.

As a note, I don't have a color printer, so I printed these out in black and white and then colored them with magic marker :)
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