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It's funny -- er, scary -- because it's true

What if government ran health care?

And even if you don't think comparing government-run healthcare to the DMV is fair, how about comparing it to, hmm, I don't know... government-run healthcare?

Amid growing controversy over procedures that exposed 10,000 veterans to the AIDS and hepatitis viruses, the Department of Veterans Affairs is now bracing against news that one of its facilities in Pennsylvania gave botched radiation treatments to nearly 100 cancer patients.

Veterans groups and lawmakers say VA hospitals have permitted these violations because federal regulations allow doctors to work with little outside scrutiny. They say the VA health system, with its under-funded hospitals and overworked doctors, is showing signs of an "institutional breakdown," in the words of one congressman.

I'm getting to the point where I either have to question the sanity or the morality of anyone who thinks Obama's plan is a good one.
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