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IMAO: Obama the Sociopath

Frank J speaketh:
Okay, I can see an argument for not more forcefully condemning Iran and for not breaking off negotiations with them — I mean, I hugely disagree and think we have a sissy for a president, but those arguments at least exist in my universe. What I don’t get is this not rescinding a party invite. For the first time since 1979, Iran is being invited to our Independence Day barbecue. And I guess we’ll hand out moist towelettes on the way in so people can wipe off the blood of the oppressed.

This is so horrible, I expected it to be debunked on Snopes. I don’t mindlessly believe anything bad about Obama; if someone came up to me and said, “Do you know Obama has a secret rape room in the White House where he sodomizes puppies?” I’d say, “Did you know you’re a moron?” And this inviting a oppressive regime in the middle of brutalizing its people to a barbecue sounds made up. It’s like if Kim Jong Il nuked someone and Obama wouldn’t rescind his standing invitation to him to come over and play Rock Band. And to put this in perspective: It was Carter who first stopped inviting Iran.

Obama has finally done it. He’s become more of a capitulating sissy than Carter.

I haven’t even heard how liberals are planning to defend this one, but so far their answer to all of Obama sissiness is that he’s just being smart and not letting emotions let him do anything rash. At what point, though, does turning a blind eye to the suffering of others makes him a sociopath? Isn’t it always the bad guy in the movies who let’s horrible things happen for the greater good?

I hope he’ll at least reconsider inviting Iran over to celebrate America’s Independence. Maybe he can do something less anathema to the spirit of the day, like urinating on George Washington’s grave.
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