It seems to be very much a catch-22. The last thing your country needs is more accusations of meddling in the comings and goings of Arab nations, but, yes, there needs to be a proper recount.
Well, the thing is that we're going to be accused of it no matter what. Right now Obama is holding himself apart so that he can be on good terms with whoever the eventual winner is. That might be good politics, but it's coming across, at least in this country, as rather wimpy. As of 6/19, 35% of Americans think that he should be more supportive of the protesters (their human rights if not their specific cause) and I'm sure that number went up over the weekend.
Hm. IIRC, Obama's already said that the Iranian govt needs to heed the rights of the protesters, if not that there needs to be a recount or some form of proof that the election has been fair.

I don't know how much more supportive one can be from another country that's been painted as the grand enemy of the last twenty years.
He made a statement this morning and I haven't heard the whole thing, but what he said before that was basically 'be nice to the protesters, let them do their thing'. He's not come out saying there should be a recount that I have heard, cause that would piss off Achmedinnerjacket.

The government might have been painting the US as the great satan, but judging by what many of the actual Iranian citizens have been saying, they don't buy it.
Somehow, I don't think it's the Iranian citizens that the US has to worry about, though. It's the Iranian government, with their ability to stir the Arab nations, push towards nuclear capability, and host and breed anti-Western sentiment in terrorist cells.

Choices, choices.

The way I see it: the Iranian govt is never gonna recount in case they do happen to lose, (which they must be pretty scared of since they "counted all the votes" in, like, 2 hours,) and those protesting will never truly believe that this victory wasn't stolen, no matter how many recounts occur, cf. US election 2000.
You're right, there's not going to be a recount or a revote because that would mean the mullahs and their puppets were caving into public pressure and that is JUST NOT DONE. As far as Iranian govt vs Iranian citizens, the UK and even France have been more 'out there' as far as supporting the protesters from the very start of this, and simply due to proximity they have more to worry about from the Iranian government's retaliation. So it still comes across as pretty wimpy on Obama's part that he has been so unwilling to step up to the plate and support democracy.