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But first, a helpful tip:

They are speed bumps, not land mines. Unless you are carrying hazardous chemicals or an Ace of Cakes cake in the back of your minivan, you do not need to slow to -15 mph before going over a six-inch hump in the road.


I was going to post about this this morning, but I ran out of time before my doctor's appointment.

I woke up last night around 2:30am and there was this insane storm going on. Keep in mind that in this part of CA we don't get serious thunderstorms in the late spring/summer very often. Maybe 1-2, would you say, starfinn?

What was wacky about this storm was that there was no rain and very little wind, but tons of clouds and tons of lightning. I couldn't hear much thunder, either because of wind or altitude or the fact that my windows really shut out the noise. But there was soooo much lightning... like, a pulse every few seconds, and then once a minute or so a stronger bolt of lightning. I've always been fascinated by thunderstorms rather than scared by them, but this made me feel a little bit of both. I opened up the curtains in my room and watched it until it stopped.

On the way home today there were so many clouds in the sky, and all different species... it was like a huge cloud orgy -- fluffy clouds and dark clouds and clouds that look cut off at the top and feathery ones and clouds that are stretched out in stripes. I'm sure kismatt could tell us all the technical names ;)

A few random notes:

1. 300 wins for Randy Johnson! Yay! (Cain calls him RJ, that is so cute *G*)

2. Steven Crowder does Keith Olbermann! (Eww, not like that)

3. skydiver119, I can only speak for myself, but personally I never found disagreeing with Bush to be unpatriotic. But sometimes the same people who were doing the complaining were, in the next breath, saying other things that came off as sounding unpatriotic.

To me, patriotism means love of country, and my love for my country goes beyond whatever crap is in the news on any given day and even beyond how much of our tax money is being pissed away and certainly beyond party politics. And most - say 75% - of my criticism of Obama comes from that love of my country and what I think it can and should be. (The other 25% is because I just like poking fun at the Anointed One.)

4. Jacqueline Carey is going to be in SF again this June! I got to see her last summer when she was signing for Kushiel's Justice and it was pretty awesome. seldear, I wish your visit coincided with hers :(

5. Okay, I think that's it.
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