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Whenever I see the commercials for Transformers 2, I think omg geeze CGI pr0n *rolls eyes*

But -- I can't help it, Shia LaBeaouf is just so damned cute. And I mean cute in that when I see him, I think of this rather than this.

And speaking of *eyerolls*, that FOX show 'Mental' looks incredibly, incredibly annoying. Like House without Hugh Laurie's charisma. And I don't even watch House, because it looks, um, annoying.
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Then we'll agree to disagree. :D

For methinks the man hath a strange hotness to him...not sure why.
I like SB in basically anything he does -- he was really the only thing that kept me cognizant during the first Transformers, and I liked him in Disturbia and even the turd-burger that was Indiana IV. He's probably just like any other douchebag actor in real life, but on screen he really comes across as a nice, normal guy, which in a world of Afflecks and Pitts is... refreshing.

I just keep seeing him as little Louis Stevens and I LMAO.
See, I COMPLETELY agree with that. There's just something he brings to a movie and it usually doesn't matter how bad the movie is for me. He just makes it fun.

And I honestly never watched "Even Stevens." *sheepish grin* Maybe I should.