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More thinking about 24

So I started wondering... did the women this season get off easy?

I mean, if you consider the ultimate fate of the main characters, and considering the main characters to be the ones included in the promo shot:

- Jack: half-dead
- Bill: dead
- Tony: shot-up and street-rat crazy
- Larry: dead
- Henry: shot up, daughter in deep shit, marriage possibly in peril
- Sean: Possibly in even deeper shit than Olivia, self-inflicted GSW, total loser
- Ethan: Actually came out of this okay; can probably ask for a pay raise

- Chloe: fine (and awesome)
- Janis: still dumb as a post, but otherwise fine
- Renee: probably an ex-FBI agent, rather bruised and battered, but otherwise fine (and also awesome!)
- President Taylor: daughter marriage blah blah at least she still has her job

Let no one say that TPTB of 24 are misogynists.

  • I guess it's a good fit, since they're both total jokes.

    Maybe it'll be called "Toxic Little Queen."

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