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More thinking about 24

So I started wondering... did the women this season get off easy?

I mean, if you consider the ultimate fate of the main characters, and considering the main characters to be the ones included in the promo shot:

- Jack: half-dead
- Bill: dead
- Tony: shot-up and street-rat crazy
- Larry: dead
- Henry: shot up, daughter in deep shit, marriage possibly in peril
- Sean: Possibly in even deeper shit than Olivia, self-inflicted GSW, total loser
- Ethan: Actually came out of this okay; can probably ask for a pay raise

- Chloe: fine (and awesome)
- Janis: still dumb as a post, but otherwise fine
- Renee: probably an ex-FBI agent, rather bruised and battered, but otherwise fine (and also awesome!)
- President Taylor: daughter marriage blah blah at least she still has her job

Let no one say that TPTB of 24 are misogynists.
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I don't hang out with the 24 fandom... Is that an actual rumor? If it is... good grief, some people (women) need to stop looking for victimhood. If the women get treated like dainty flowers and are protected then TPTB are chauvinists; if they get handed their asses (just like the guys) then TPTB are misogynists.
I don't hang out in the fandom either, and I don't know that it's a specific thing said about these specific PTBs, but it's something that gets brought up about a lot of shows in general.

I've always been proud of 24 for having such a high percentage of women in their main cast, whether or not they survive the day ;)