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SDJ & Negativity: A Comprehensive Study

Okay, maybe not really, but it sounds cool ;)

Someone on GW (says she's a newbie; I'm inclined to be cynical, but I'm trying to be less paranoid about this stuff) asked Morj why SDJ was seen as attacking, being against others (at least that was what I got out of the question) and generally being negative.

My post:

Well, hopefully it will have a useful purpose. And let me add a disclaimer in case someone chimes in with 'stop unburying the hatchet'. The only reason I'm even addressing this is to hopefully give Night here (and anyone else in her position) an inkling of why SDJ is seen as negative.

For a moment, put yourself in my shoes circa late-S5, at the time of 'the announcement' of MS's leaving. Jack and Sam are my favorite characters. I like Teal'c. I can live with Daniel or without him. I think the show will still be a great show without him because of the strength of the other characters/actors. I like TPTB; I've not met them all personally, but I've seen many at cons, I like their attitude, and I respect their work. As S5 ends and S6 begins, I find myself enjoying the character of Jonas, also.

Then different editorials and 'manifestos' start coming from SDJ. The biggest problem with the campaign that I saw was that they could not campaign FOR Daniel without tearing down/campaigning against others -- other characters, other fans, other non-Daniel-centered storylines, and of course TPTB.

These comments were taken from a few of the editorial pieces on the SDJ website. They may be taken out of context, but you can read them yourself if you care; they're still up on the site under editorials or 'letters to tptb'. Anything in "" are direct quotes.

It was said that TPTB (Joe Mallozzi, Brad Wright, and/or TPTB as a group) were: "In denial" over what their viewers wanted, "proud" (stated as a negative trait), "short-sighted", "ungracious", "pedestrian writers", "disrespectful", "liars" (regarding the circumstances behind Shanks' departure, that they "don't want/know what's best for the show", "don't care about the fans", are "without vision", and they they should "wake up and save [their] own ass". Etc. etc.

It was said that Stargate, the show, was "currently poised for plummeting off a cliff", that Daniel leaving was the "ruination of the show", that pro-S6 people were "sycophants", giving "empty, vapid, indiscriminate adulation" to TPTB, and even people willing to give S6 a chance were derided for not being real fans. Etc. etc.

Then there were the various and sundry comments about "JonASS" and how he was a liar/theif/murderer but at the same time a "carbon copy" of Daniel (don't ask me to explain that one). There were complaints that in S4 and S5 the character of Sam was given "unmerited prominence", and the expected comments against Sam/Jack -- that it was never the "hook" of the show and it wasn't what people wanted to see, that it had no place in the show, that it diverted the show from it's true focus... pick one.

I won't talk about the 'tone' of these pieces, because that's up to individual interpretation. But I found them to be snide and highly, highly inflammatory. One editorial would assure any reading TPTB that the SDJ were not their enemies, but merely knew better what the fans wanted. The next editorial would be a call to arms against TPTB, MGM and SCIFI.

Now all of the above were opinions in editorials. I'm not saying that the writers shouldn't be able to have those opinions or write about them in great, great (great, great, great) length. And I'm not saying that every Daniel fan or even every SDJ-affiliate agrees with the above statements.

But they were, by and large, the 'public face' of the campaign. They disrespected the characters I liked, the show I liked and hoped the best for, the people who created the show, and me -- sometimes in passing (along with other content fans) and sometimes personally, because I enjoyed Stargate sans Daniel and didn't think that TPTB should make creative and executive decisions based on the fandom equivalent of political action committees. And this is a general statement -- if there was a pro-Sam or pro-ship campaign that declared "this is war", it's US vs THEM, we can win "if we play hardball", I would say the exact same thing to them.

You don't have to take my word for it. Like I said -- the editorials are still there. If you're interested, you can read them yourself. If you're not interested, then you may just want to 'nod and smile' -- accept that people feel this way, file away the reasons why, and move on.


So far it's been met with resounding silence ;) I thought I might get a little more inspiring reaction here.
I thought I might get a little more inspiring reaction here.

You mean to tell me the SDJ might be seen as negative? *gasps*
I really needed this post on OS a couple of weeks ago
(you know before they called me a lair and a troll)
Well done Alli.

You wrote very clearly and eloquently about how many folks perceived the situation without attacking specific people. Certainly more than most of the miscreants who have stirred the pot over the last two years. Bravo.

Dear god... another person on LJ who makes sense.... why are you all so intelligent I don't like it!
So far it's been met with resounding silence ;)

so far you have one direct reply from MC.

I thought I might get a little more inspiring reaction here.

well if you are waiting for something 'inspiring' in this end, sorry. But well I do agree with it :) and nicely said (or so that's what I think, lately it's better to leave clear what's an opinion and what's a fact just in case)
Could someone give me the link to the thread? I do not frequent SG1 forums.
Eilan? Loving your icon. (And once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout...that song's gonna be running through my head all night...)
If you want it, you can have it. Season 6 has just started here and I like Jonas.

If you want it, you can have it.

I might take you up on that for a bit, although I tend to rotate mine a lot. When there's only space for three... *shrug* But I had to admire.

Season 6 has just started here and I like Jonas.

Hear, hear! It'd be nice to have them both around for Season 7, but alas, reality doesn't work that way. *sigh*
Very well said. Everytine I tried to respond to any SDJ comments in the past i tended to be reduced to infurriated, incoherent rambling.... which never had the desired effect!

Glad people like you can state things so eloquently!

Em :)
BTW: wandered here through Meesh's friend list :)
I think the one thing folks don't expect is rationality. It's easy to yell and scream, cry and rant...yet harder to shoot down calm and clear logic.

It's just like my question : If folks are so at peace and accepting of thier past actions...why do they feel the need to keep justifying them? If you're at peace with yourself, why do you care about what anonymous folks on the net think?
Thanks Alli, you summed up the situation well.
Not that I ever expect these folks to understand, that ppl objected to their behavior, not their fav character (well, not initially). They praised Daniel/MS in a manner that hurts others
- fans , characers, cast and crew alike . Denying this won't mend fences. They still keeping up the attitude of "our fav is holier
than yours". They wishing for a Stargate I never saw an never want to see. I became he fan of a show where all of the characters are
equally valuable. I like Jack's personality the best, but that doesn't mean, that I don't appreciate the others . In my eyes they are different, neither better nor worse than my fav.