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I'm itching to write some post-Day 7 fic, but I need someone to bounce ideas off of who's up to doing some speculation from the finale. Since seldear is still not up to speed, I'm turning to my f-list.

So, anyone? Bueller?
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Okay, so assuming Renee did use 'enhanced techniques', take a WAG as to what might have happened to her, legal-wise. I mean, other than her getting charged and convicted with abusing a prisoner or whatnot, cause that would just be boring ;)
So, no women in prison pron? ;-)

I think that the president is going to reactivate the CTU or something similar ('cause Chloe just can't handle the changing office space and hours now that she's a mom). And Renee is going to be Jack's first recruit. Hopefully, she won't end up like his previous partner (Chase in season 3).

Personally, I think that she has accepted that "enhanced" questioning is needed in certain circumstances, but I don't think that she is going to be able to handle the mental anguish. She's seen what it's done to Jack, and I'm not sure she's really ready for it.

That. Or...

She get's the info she wanted (catches the bad guys, etc) but is so conflicted over how she got it (what did she use? She went into that room with nothing but a pissed attitude.) that she quits the FBI. Does she do the "journey of enlightenment," like Jack tried? Or does she end up like The Equalizer: helping people in need, using her contacts and skills from her previous life? Ooooh, her and Jack doing this! Or does she just disappear, to be found years later working in a halfway house for paroled criminals?

Is any of this helpful? I can keep rambling. ;-)
Rambling is great; sometimes you get the best stuff when you're just BSing, I've found ;)

No, no women in prison pron, my heart can't take it.

I've heard somewhere that CTU will be back next season and I can see them bringing Renee in because she's shown herself to be, well, open to the Jack Bauer way of doing things. I'm having a harder time seeing Jack decided to get back in the intelligence game because I think he's pretty sick and tired of it.

I don't know how she planned on getting the info out of Wilson other than threatening or beating it out of him. We know she can do damage with a shovel... I bet there were a couple of things in that interrogation room she could use.

I'm trying to figure out how much trouble Renee would get in, though, pulling a gun on Janis and doing whatever she did to Wilson.
Well, in the real world she'd get put on suspension - with or without pay, depending on how generous TPTB were feeling - and dragged through an investigation where she would be found guilty of a whole slew of criminal acts and violations of FBI policy. Again depending on how TPTB were feeling, they could attempt to brush it all under the carpet (because they don't want the publicity - embarrassing - or the hassle) or they could prosecute her (the most unlikely option, unless the media has already gotten their hands on the story, which - knowing the bad guys - is quite possible). But prosecution leads to women-in-prison pron, so that's out.

If they brush it under the carpet, and she is allowed to keep her security clearance (usually the first thing to go - in real life) I can see her at the new CTU. They will need a new generation of operators, she has investigative experience. I think that she will have problems with it, definitely. But she is like Jack in that she sees the need and can't step aside and not try to help. Jack, every season, has had the stuffing knocked out of him, physically and emotionally. He's tried to quit several times, but always gets dragged back because - like he said - he can't let those people on the bus die without trying to help. It's how he ended up in front of congress at the beginning of season 7.
Yes, Jack will defnitely get dragged in one way or another, because he is physically incapable of turning away when there's something he can do. Hopefully there will be a good period between Days 7 and 8 to give him time to recoup.

Do you think if TPTB were to prosecute, President Taylor would be likely to intervene on her behalf? Obviously she doesn't have the reporte with Renee that she had with Jack, but Renee still helped rescue Henry, get intel that stopped attacks, etc.
The president can't just step in and say "no prosecution," she doesn't have that power. However, if Renee were convicted, the president could pardon her. I could see her doing that, especially if Jack asked.
Yeah, I know the Prez doesn't directly control whether or not someone is prosecuted, but I'm sure her administration could find some way of influencing their decision if they really wanted to. Like 'We're going to pardon her anyway, so if you prosecute her you're just going to wind up making yourselves look bad.'

Considering this guy Wilson seems to 'not exist' on record, I wonder if they would even bother.

Who would be in charge of the prosecution anyway? The FBI? The AG?

I like your icon :)
That's one of my
jackshoegazer icons; and, yes, it did remind me of Jack when I saw it.

I think that if it gets to the stage where they are considering prosecution, the only thing that would really force their hand to do it would be media pressure. And if the media knows about it, Taylor won't be able to influence whether it happens or not. She'd just have to wait to pardon Renee.

The question is how the media finds out about it. My first guess would be the Wilson's crew. They're trying for a power grab; making the current administration look bad/corrupt/weak could only help.

I could also see Janis running out that room, screaming the news and then filing a grievance. Okay, I might be slightly influenced by the actress and her political yammering, but Janis is... well, let me just say I always thought that Chloe was tightly wound, anal to an alarming degree and unable to take the least little bit of criticism. Janis makes Chloe look positively mellow. Janis could leak it to the media and feel completely justified in doing so, simply because Renee "dissed" her.

See, I don't think Wilson's crew would stick up for him... I think they would let him be fed to the wolves and hope he didn't rat them out, or else have him taken out so he couldn't rat them out.

As much as I can't stand Garofalo, I don't see Janis being a leak in this case. In fact, I'd like to think that if Renee got anything useful out of Wilson before getting dragged off, Janis might take that information to someone who could do something about it. Not sure who it would be, of course... Renee arrested, Larry dead, Sean arrested, Erica dead...
Hmmm... I can go either way with Wilson's fate at the hands of his co-conspirators.

If you don't like Janis as the whistle-blower, you can probably look to anyone else working in that building who gets a look at Wilson after Renee is through with him, especially if they saw him before he was put in that room. Someone who hasn't had their delicate feelings run over roughshod by Jack Bauer and still thinks that there is no excuse for "enhanced" interrogation.