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24 finale liveblogging

Okay, if you've seen it, no spoilers for another two hours!


Jonas was BBQed.

Daughter in Chief was stupid.

Kim was scammed.

Jack's in deep shit.

Here we go.

Cisco commercial.

Olivia you're a moron and you deserve whatever you get. Your mom doesn't, though... she's the one I feel bad for.

You know the Joint Chiefs are all hyped up on Rock Star and Red Bull right now.

I like the dead terrorists screen saver.

These incidental characters must get really confused about who is on who's side.

Poor Jack. Ya know, Kim is the source of way too many of his problems.

Creepy long haired laptop guy is creepy! And dude, how loudly are you going to talk about someone's body being found?

Renee is like WTF man. Poor thing.

Ooh he told her. That surprised me. Yay now she's mad at Tony instead of Jack.

Why is Tony bringing Jack?

Oooh devious bastard.

Save him, Renee!

Meanwhile, redshirt cop is bleeding everywhere...

Commercials. Including Jack's Bank of America commercial. Bwaha.

Okay, what the hell is Pepsi thinking having a soda called "throwback"? It sounds way too much like "throw-up".

Ooh the DVD is out tomorrow? That is so cool. I'd like to know what kind of bonus stuff is on it, though.

Yay Aaron! You are so... what's the word I'm looking for? Ethical? Honorable? He seemed to sort of like Olivia at the beginning and I'm proud of someone on this show having compunctions ;)

Uhoh, stall her, Aaron. (Does he have other agents working on this with him?)

Olivia, you're a suspicious little twit, ain't you? Hee. I enjoy watching her freak out.

Aaron sweetie, I think you need to go to the Prez.

Go away, Janis, Chloe knows how to deal with these types of things.

Why didn't Kim just tell creepy to buzz off? Is he going to do something right in front of the agents?

OK how the heck did Creepy get a gun into the airport?

And here's where all the airport cops get killed.

Wow, go Kim! Way to use a ballpoint pen, Jack Bauer style!

And THAT is why you always keep your cell phone charged: you may need to get important information to the FBI about creepy shooters who are working with evildoers who have kidnapped your father.

Of course she goes after him. Must get herself in more danger, after all!


Pissed-off Olivia incoming.

*cheers on Ethan*

Oh now Olivia's even more of a big fat liar.

Is that the card? That seemed too easy. And stupid for her not to keep looking.

And she doesn't even check to make sure that's the right card? If I was Ethan, I would have given the card to Aaron.

YAY! Am I good or what.

In his car. Heh.

Back to Jack, Tony and the Anti-Renee.

LMAO Carson is an evil doctor!

Hm, so why does Tony really want to meet face to face with the main guy? I admit it, I keep looking for reasons why he's still good. It's not looking likely, though.

DAMN that's a big-ass needle.


This show Mental looks very annoying. Like House with a happy psychiatrist instead of a grumpy MD.

And finally the FBI shows up.

Can't they bring up some surveillance camera feed to see where he went, like they do every other time?

Too bad it's not the woman operative she's going after. Then we could say that Kim's chasing the cougar instead of the other way around.

Oh that was smart just standing around by the exit.

Kim runs like a girl.

Crispy critter! Good girl, Kimmy.

Commercials again, grr.

Poor Jack.

Ooh now Ethan's going to hear the recording, and then something bad will happen to him.

Car commercial ;)

I have to admit... I don't know how they're going to save Jack here. From the pathogen, I mean. They're certainly taking it down to the wire.

Hee I knew he wasn't totally out of it.

So much for Carson.

I wonder if Jack's going to try and roast himself somehow to kill the pathogen for good.

Hey, daylight!

OMG there's only an hour left.

Oh -- no previously on, awesome.

Now, we know Jack gets recaptured because he asks Tony to let him die.

Tony is firing on Jack. Now we know he's evil.

Uhoh, gas. Yup, he's gonna try to roast himself. Ew.

I hate Tony.

"No ma'am. I am not going to do that." WEEEE.

BWAHAHA take that you stupid twit.

Okay Tony, what the hell is going on now?

Hmm so perhaps my suspicions were correct.

Ooh the man who had Michelle killed. That's what this is all about. Hmm... that will make the fans more likely to forgive him.

Tony thinks he's pretty hot shit, doesn't he?

Okay, maybe not so likely to forgive Tony after all. *shakes head in disgust*


Yes, let him keep his cell phone. Because we all know you can't do anything dangerous with a cell phone.

Okay what was with the kiss? Ew.


Jack is seriously in one hell of a sorry state, isn't he? Duct taped, handcuffed, sick and a bomb strapped on him.


Oh damn. So much for the anti-Renee.

Yes now that you have him at gunpoint, lets TALK TO HIM.

Aww Tony Jr.


*sigh* You should have just killed his sorry ass, Jack.

I still don't quite see how they're going to cure him. Even if he lets Kim try the therapy, isn't that really experimental and would take a long time??

Go kick some ass, Renee.

OOOH Renee is willing to go Jack Bauer on Wilson.

*sniffles at Jack* Great window into the way he thinks about things.





Oh yeah stupid wench, blame your mother.

Henry you suck.

I'm torn. I don't want Olivia to get away with this because she's such a stupid bitch, but how can Taylor bring it out in the open without getting torn apart?

Ooh Renee is bringing him in... in how many pieces?

15 minutes left... how the hell are they going to do this?

Okay, not the visitor I was expecting.

This is just crazy, man.

Last segment.


Hee Taylor you rock.

President Taylor/Ethan FTW! ;)

Ooh go Renee!

There goes the badge...

Ahh so they do still have time.

Wow Jack is going to be majorly confused when he wakes up.

Geesh what a way to end it.
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