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The family and I went to see Star Trek last night.

I feel like everyone has probably already said anything worth saying about this movie, but I did enjoy it. I don't want to have its babies or anything, but it was a creative, well-thought-out reimagining. It was clever of JJA to 'cheat' by making this an alternate reality, which IMO kind of negates any die-hard's claims about differences between this movie and the rest of the series. Bones and Spock were both spot-on, Kirk, Chekov Scotty and Sulu were all adorable in their own ways, and the only one I didn't really click with was Uhura. The action sequences were pretty awesome but they didn't take over the film (*cough*transformersterminatorgijoe*cough*) and the comedic bits were endearing. Oh, and I bet all us Alias fans had a good laugh over the 'red matter' floaty red energy ball of DOOOOM.

Anyway, the cool thing with the AR concept is that JJ has now created this alternate timeline where he can play with the characters LIKE WHOA and have all sorts of sequels that completely diverge from the show canon -- non-Trekkies won't know and Trekkies will be limited in what they can complain about because, dood, it's an AR.

I was unsure when I heard this was going to be a time-travel movie (and worried at the beginning that there would be a Reset Button at the end) but now I am impressed.

"No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space."


Today I need to:
- Do laundry
- Vacuum upstairs
- Clean up the spare room

I would also like to go get my eyebrows done but I'm not sure if that will happen today.
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