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Quick Bones thought before bed

Wow... does Bones have emotional issues or does she have emotional issues?

I mean, I know she does, this just makes it all the more scarily obvious.

It does kind of explain why she always gets so into the undercover/role-playing stuff they do... the Vegas ep, the circus ep... next week, apparently. It's a way for her to try those human connections on for size and then be able to take them off again at the end of the day.

My folks were remarking on the Murphy Brown similarities, but having never watched that show (before my time) I can't really compare. All I know is, every time someone reassured Brennan that she would be a great mother, I kinda cringed. I know it's possible that her mothering instincts would take over and she would be able to provide the emotional support and stimulus a child needs, but it's just as possible that it wouldn't.

Oy, it makes my head spin.

And I'm still wondering how they're going to screw us over next week.
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