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24 liveblogging

Is anyone else amused by the fact that Jack and Tony have their own redheads? Jack's is much hotter, though.

Evil!Tony is Evil!

I supposed it's too much to hope that Jack snaps and strangles Janis, right?

Ha, he made her stand down over the "racial profiling" thing -- that was almost as good.

Jack's miiiiind is goooooing.

Poor Chloe.

"Chloe, I can't do this without you."

You know, as much as I love Jack/Renee, Jack & Chloe are and always will be made of awesome.

I would hope the cops would notice the nervousness and sweating and whatnot.

Apparently not.

That was a long block before commercial.

Hmm, so maybe Tony's Crew of Evil was a little too efficient for it's own good.

Yay Jack and Renee to the rescue!

White House crap, boring. Except to see what the Daughter in Chief does to screw things up even more.

You know they're really asking for it by making the gay guy bad.

Like she wouldn't be able to find him again later down the road. Come on, her mom is the President and she's got all sorts of wormy contacts.

Aaron is like, my spidey senses are tingling.

Great now Jonas is going to whine. It might have taken a long time to make that name mean something... it took about a day to make it mean crap.


Jack, you are many things, but you are not fine.

Man, Jack must bring in pretty good ratings.

More whiny Muslims.

Jack can do more with one stank-eye than most people can with their whole body.

You know, he's acting a little unhinged, but overall his instincts have been good.

I am not impressed by the casting of these 'brothers'.


We need less of this twit and more of Jack and Renee being awesome.

Hey the First Dude is back.

'Execute'. Heh.

Hmm, I bet someone is going to ace him after all.

Yay Chloe you're awesome.

Jack looks like crap.

Yay, even Muslims love Jack!

LOL Jonas' blood pressure is going to go up every time he hears that name.

Why is this guy by himself? Doesn't seem safe.

He's gonna blow up.


Ooh now stupid Daughter in Chief is really in for it mwahaha.


Doh, stupid brother.

Okay, so what's the target?

Hm, subway. Not good.

This still felt like a transitional ep.

Three hours left.

Scenes from next week...

DoC in trouble... Jack tortures some more... running and shooting -- OOH Tony captured, awesome.
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