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No liveblogging tonight, but a few comments.

I think somehow I knew it was going to be one of those transitional eps. Revealing to Renee and everyone that Tony was the bad guy, setting up the next attack, bringing Chloe back (FINALLY) and so on. Not many scenes with Jack and Renee which was too bad. Oh and I bet Garofalo just looooves getting to play the only one there who cares about people's rights and all. Puke. God Bless Jack for coming out and calling her a whiner, even if he did get the President's name wrong.

I'm a little worried about dear Aaron getting mixed up in the Daughter in Chief's crap. And I'm kind of worried about Chloe, too, after that big scene between her and Morris. They wouldn't dare kill off Tony, Bill and Chloe at the same time, would they? *wibbles*

Has anybody else heard the acoustic/slow version of "Hey Yay"? They used it on Scrubs and now I just heard it during the Giants post-game show, someone in the locker room was playing it.

ETA: Oh, I think I found it. Here's the Scrubs version:

And another.
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