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I have so much I need to do this weekend that it's kind of horrifying.

I was going to make a complete to-do list but then I realized that my head might explode from the enormity of it.

So I'm going to take it a little bit at a time.

- Sort laundry and start first load
- Clean up kitchen/do dishes
- Fill up fish tank (it's been evaporating so fast lately with all the heat)
- Water plants

Yay, got that done.

- Make pile of 'random assortment of papers to look through later' (I know I should just deal with it now, but I'll feel better when it's consolidated in one area)
- Sweep living room
- Sort out bag of winter clothes mom found in the garage
- Vacuum curtains (cat fur, ugh)

- Keep working on laundry
- Try on shirts mom gave me
- Bag slipcover & take old couch stuff up to the storage closet
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